Perseverance is not normal

Seems like the new normal is, busyness. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re busy. Work is busy. Family is busy. Kids are busy. Church is busy. Free time is busy, if you have any, but even free time is often full of busyness. But really, what is busyness? Is it simply an excuse? Have you ever said that you are busy to get out of something you don’t want to do? Have you ever been “busy” and didn’t hear someone ask a question or request your help? Have you ever been so tired from being busy that you didn’t want to do what is important?

Busyness is also a choice. Usually it is a bad one because too often we choose to be busy about the wrong things.

James 1:2-4 talks about steadfastness or endurance. We generally know we are to count our trials as joy but usually I want my trials to end ASAP. What James describes for the Christ-follower is perseverance throughout the trial. That kind of perseverance has a unique result, completeness, wholeness, “lacking in nothing.” Our busyness is often for something else we don’t truly need. In our busyness we often fly right by the lesson of the trial, ignoring it or anesthetizing our hearts and minds with more busyness.

Perseverance should set the Christian apart. Should we be less busy?…maybe. We most certainly more purposed and more joy-full because of Jesus and his offer of abundant life! Persevere in what you are doing for God’s glory.


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