Mature and Assured

i’m reading the book of Colossians right now and as I read through chapter four i came across Paul’s mention of Epaphras’ prayer for the church members at Colossae. Epaphras prays that they may “stand mature” and “fully assured in all the will of God.”

As disciples we are to be growing and learning, moving towards maturity. Knowledge, words, and actions are all a part of maturity. But think about the word “stand.” i think of not falling, stable, balanced, strong, purposeful. then it is coupled with the phrase about assurance of the will of God.

I hear a lot of questions about the will of God. One of the best books I read on the topic is so simple. it is by John MacArthur and is titled, Found: God’s Will. in it he simply reminds the reader about the revealed will of God throughout scripture. It is a short read about 60 pages and reminds us it is God’s will to be: saved, thankful, holy, love God and love people, and a few other principles. His point is that God’s will is not hidden. We can know it and when we live it we know it more clearly.

what a great prayer for the church, our church, your church and for every Christ-follower you know. Pray for those specific people to “stand mature” and “fully assured in all the will of God.”

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