Brain damage helps stop smoking

I think I laughed out-loud when the news anchor made that statement. Duh, I thought. The story went on to mention this "side effect" occurred as a result of a treatment for another condition or illness. The doctors reported that one effect of the treatment actually killed cells in one part of the brain and those that were smokers lost their desire to smoke immediately.

Yep, I jumped to the spiritual side of that one in a hurry however, I don't think I would call it brain damage or a side effect. Paul calls it the renewing of the mind in the book of Romans. Just reading through the scripture you can't help but find passages that highlight the importance of the mind in the life of faith. Just a few…Love the Lord your God with all your…mind; I will put my law in their mind; they will know Me; Consider the heavens…; Reckon yourselves dead to sin…; consider it all joy when you encounter various trials…; I pray that you…may have the power to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.

This renewing of the spiritual mind or way of thinking is critical in a world where ideas are persecuted as much as faith is. Tolerance is the cry of a culture that has lost any moral foundation. Unfortunately, almost any idea or way of life contrary to "freedom" is frowned on. But God was well aware of our condition and tendency so he prescribed for us His "w"/Word in more ways than one. Any and every thought taken captive to Him can now result in a side effect that is eternal. So, more important than any medicine is the daily dose of God's word placed in your mind. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and even more so as we live for His glory and Kingdom.

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