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I Don’t Know How

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

As mentioned in the previous post one of the reasons given for not reading/studying the Bible is, I don’t know how. Let me ask parents, if your child said that to you, what would you response be?

Try it…you can do it…you have to learn some time…yes you do…

Maybe we haven’t talked about the “why?” We are spiritual people. We have a need to meet with our Creator. The Bible is the best way to learn about God and how He related/s to us. When we read the Bible our faith grows.

Even if you don’t know how, you have to start somewhere. In every other area of our life, not knowing is addressed by research, trial and error, or some other effort. Why when we come to Bible reading do we just give up?

Priorities. We need to rethink and reset our priorities. We spend enormous amounts of time on other things that are not so significant as our spiritual health. To reset priorities we must make a plan. Set a time and prepare a place. Then stick with it. You are beginning a new discipline. It takes time to establish it. Don’t give up! You can do it! Read the Bible for the sake of your heart.

advent musings and devo ideas

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Waiting. Play a game with your kids and a stop watch. Set it up by making this a contest to see who can guess when a minute has elapsed. Press start on the watch and have your children guess when a minute is up. Have someone record each guess until the minute is over. Closest to the actual 1 minute mark “wins.” Try 2 minutes for a challenge. This illustrates our skewed sense of time and we tend to think it moves faster that it seems.

Waiting is watching and wanting but not having. It is often the hardest thing about life. I used to think it was waiting when I was a kid and i wanted it now. But, now as an adult waiting seems even harder.

As a culture we don’t like to wait. We’ve invented tons of technology to shorten the wait. We have microwaves, drive thru’s, expressways, online shopping and measure computer speeds in kbs, that is kilobytes per second! We also dislike waiting so much that we distract our waiting with music, TV or other noise.

Waiting has always been especially hard at Christmas time. Ask your kids. How many excited little ones have spent the night awake in bed waiting for Christmas morning and the presents that await?

There are several scriptures and examples of Luke 2:25 mentions Simeon as waiting for the consolation of Israel. How does the scripture describe Simeon? Righteous, devout, Holy Spirit filled. What do those characteristics have to do with waiting?

Then Galatians 4:4 reminds us that waiting on God is a good thing because God’s timing is perfect. The “fullness of time” illustrates how waiting and God’s timing go together. The culture, language and roads of that Roman era were key to the spread of the gospel. In another instance in Luke 12:36 Jesus reminds us to always be ready even though we wait. And Titus 2:13 reminds us we are waiting for something even better than Christmas, the second appearing of Jesus.

Christmas is about waiting. We wait for family to arrive, for meals to get ready, for presents to be opened. But we also need to wait for Jesus. Yes he is already here but if we plan out our schedules to the minute, drown out spiritual reminders with noise we really might miss Him. Take some time and pause wait a minute or two in silence. Light a candle, turn out/dim the lights and thank Jesus for being Christmas.

What are some things you remember waiting on?

How does waiting help you be a better person?

What if God waits on us and our obedience to Him?

Great marriage conversation starter

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

you may know the quirky video hit, What Does the Fox Say? Try it for marriage.

Les and Leslie Parrott work with couples and marriages and have written some great resources. This is a great devotional thought to get you two talking. What do you say?

The new school year

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

The kids are back in school and everyone at my house is tired. It is back to the school morning schedule and then on to the crazy afternoon pick up and more  evening schedule.

The other night, we looked at a couple of scriptures that speak to the newness of life. Lamentations 3:23, Psalm 33:3 and 2 Corinthian 5:17. We asked questions like… What does new mean? What did you like about your new classes? How are God’s mercies new? to you? What will you do new and different this year? Then, we prayed and thanked God for new things. It was short and sweet but we read God’s word and had a important connecting moment that is crucial for families.