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I hope they always get caught

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Now that school has kicked off for another year Kendra and I have been reminding our children that we pray and hope  they will get caught if they ever do something they shouldn't. Most of the time they are angels but they are perfecting that nonchalant look you in the eye and nod, as behind your back they plot their next attempt at taking over the world.

However, as I was mindlessly mowing (one of my favorite meditation activities) I heard a voice from the past saying, "Don't pray something for your kids that you would never pray for yourself." I can't remember who said it but it gave me the chills even with a heat index over 100 degrees. I don't want to get caught every time I do something wrong. I mean what about the "optional" speed limit signs. The other day our 6 year old said, "daddy's in trouble, he's going over thirty!" You got to be kidding me! 

What if we got caught in a half truth?Or speaking a little harmless gossip? Can you say "taxes?" Internet porn? How about coveting/wishing for "their" house? Those are insignificant things that we wholeheartedly hope that we won't get caught in! Why? If we were caught we would be embarassed. But it would change us. It would teach us the lessons we hope to teach our kids; lessons about character and self control. 

What if we would change from living in the shadows of hoping we don't get caught to living in the light of openness and more simply, really living. Our kids might finally learn the lessons… What's stopping you?

First day back

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Well, it is the first day of school around these parts and I found myself thinking back to "first days" of long ago. As a parent it is different experiencing this sort of start. I remember in high school thinking, "who will I know in my class so that I can sit near them?" and then "who will I eat lunch with?" In college and seminary I strictly looked for a seat at least in the back half of the room preferring the back row. Ahh, the memories.

Now…a little different. Go to meet the teacher; making sure she/he knows my kid is the best; hoping for nice boys and girls in their classes and that they don't do anything to embarrass us. So, as the conversation rolls around to, "how was your day?" The same response I always gave, "it was good." Then, like I was, they're off.

What’s happening to me?

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

For a much needed "get out of the house" break we took the kids to an all inclusive, indoor play-arama. There was everything from slides and climbing, to inflatables, to miscellaneous sports and video games. I felt a weird feeling as I said words that had stuck in my brain ages ago and I thought, "That sounds like my dad."

I remember when I was about 10 or 11 years old I had earned a little independence and I was allowed to roam the mall "freely" as long as I kept an eye on my watch and met up at the appropriate time. This was East Texas and the little mall we had was not nearly as scary as those in and around Houston. (That sounds quite parental, as I write this). I would head straight to the arcade for a battle with aliens on Space Invaders, Defender or Galaga and shoot down giant insects on Centipede and dig through Dig Dug and maybe spin the "wheel" on Tempest or Missile Command, good wholesome games. After blowing my allowance a couple of times on "games" I remember the father to son talks about money.

Yesterday that happened with all of the force of the most inevitable de ja vu. As soon as I said it I remembered back to those days. Now as a parent, I'm reminding my very own of the "waste" of money. Oh well, it could be worse, I could not be like my dad. I'm glad I'm like him in at least some ways and I wish in more.