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It’s a free country

Friday, October 27th, 2006

That was the response to the objection, "you can't do that!"

"Yes I can, it's a free country!"

I'm glad that we live in a free country. I consider myself a patriot and supportive of my country. Yet, I can't help but wonder if we truly are…free. It seems sometimes like there is too much freedom. There is an excess in freedom that becomes detrimental. From coast to coast a chorus of "free to do this" of "free to do that"  "why can't we do that?" and "who are you to say that we can't?" Just because we can doesn't mean we should. Shouldn't there be a healthy fear of freedom like a healthy fear of electricity?

There is a point when freedom becomes dangerous to others or begins to cause harm to the individual. Look around the country, in your state or city and you will find those who because they were free indulged beyond healthy limits. Now, under guilt or enmeshed in uncontrollable cravings they can't get free. From drugs and alcohol to behaviors and emotions that dominate a life the entire community suffers. Some are subtle like debt and sleep and more… others are blatant and may actually end in a cell.

Jesus said there is truth that sets one free. He spoke the truth and lived it in a way that changed the world. What about the people that believe in him? Are they free? Do they speak and live in life changing ways? Maybe that's why we are not so free. Freedom lived with responsibilty is powerful. Others take note and want to harness that kind of raw power. Just think of the possibilities, lighting up a whole nation founded on freedom and living it.

Customer Reviews

Monday, October 16th, 2006

While browsing i-tunes recently I found a popular worship leader's new CD. After looking through the song list and sampling a couple of songs I glanced through the reviews. After several glowing reviews proclaiming the "awesomeness", "best ever", "divinely inspired" over the top reviews there was at least one that read "average", "lyrically boring", a "bunch of fluff"…

As I compared the many ways these reviews were worlds apart I thought about the general differences in musical tastes, styles, world-views and backgrounds of the many people who express their opinion. I began to think of defending the artist and then I thought about the artist defending themselves but really would it matter?

Then, I thought about the ultimate Reviewer. What does He say about the music our lives make? What about all of the nuances, plots and purposes of our heart in everyday life? I believe what He says is more powerful than popular opinion. In fact, we should invite Him to review our heart and life regularly, Psalm 139. Although it is not always pretty and it can be hard the more we get the Reviewer's perspective the more joy and less guilt we'll experience. And whether we like it or not one day our life will be reviewed. So, choose your timing and I hope you will have your life-work reviewed

The other night…

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

The other night I'm in the midst of a great night's sleep when a beep interrupts the bliss. Then, what sounded like a voice talking. OUTLOUD! In my house! In the fog of sleep and semi-consciousness I end up dozing off…for about 10 minutes, then the beep and voice. Okay, now I'm awake and I still can't figure out why.

Sitting up on the side of the bed a light flashes in the living room where we the computer is. It is the screen "awakening" too. Now I'm a little scared and definitely wishing I were asleep. Then, there's the beep and the voice!

It sounded a little muffled so I'm thinking that it is someone on a loud speaker outside. So, I walk/stumble to the front door to look, like a good neighbor. As I get the door the voice speaks above me and it is clear it is not outside but inside and she said, "Low battery."

Finally, it sinks in that the feminine voice is coming from one of our fire alarms. (I don't know if you seen the video that shows sleeping kids responding to fire alarms but it is alarming how they sleep through the beeping and tend to wake to the voice.) We now know we have the voice but I would rather not awaken to it again.

As I began to settle back down, my mind slowly processing the events I thought, "why is it that the battery never goes low in the daytime…?"