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I made it!

Monday, January 29th, 2007

This phrase caught my attention in the middle of a restaurant playground the other day. Normally it probably wouldn't have but one of the books I'm reading right now is I am not but I know I AM by Louie Giglio. In it Louie writes to persuade the reader of God's greatness and our smallness.

As I looked around the little sandbox and found my kids among the 20, there in the middle of the sandbox was this kid proclaiming his accomplishment of climbing up a few steps to stand on a platform about 3 feet high. No one cheered or stopped what they were doing. Each of them were so focused on their own worlds working on their  castles or games of tag and see-saw in all of this blur of activity this one made his big announcement.  

I've witnessed first hand how me-centered children can be. But, we don't change much as we grow older either. Instead of seeing the big world and big God we live in we still try to make it all revolve around us. If we do accomplish big things on a world scale think about how small that is in view of all of history and eternity. 

What if we could affect eternity and be a part of something bigger? Isn't that what God is calling us to? Once we realize there is something more then we can stop, rest and with all we are point to who God is and what He is doing. I can't stand the gritty, sandy feeling after the sandbox anyway.

CSI is on the case

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

I've been watching "TVs most watched show" recently and can't help but be amazed at how they catch all of the bad guys. The technology to identify fibers, DNA, fingerprints, compounds, bug larvae growth rates, angles of splatter, etc… It seems like they collect the evidence and begin to draw conclusions based on what they find. Sometimes there is a twist in the outcome such as they originally thought someone else did it but when all of the evidence was examined the guilty party was found out. You'd think if criminals were watching they would see that they are going to get caught. So the crime rate should go down, but wait this is TV not real life.

I guess the job of all crime scene investigators is to examine the evidence and determine what the evidence is saying. (Grissom is really fond of saying those kinds of things when he is not quoting classic literature). What about the evidence of us non-criminals? 

As a weird habit, I attempt to make something spiritual out of everyday things, I think about God and the evidence. Since God is all knowing that creates some potential problems for us criminal sinners. No matter what kind of evidence we leave behind He knows. In fact we don't have to do anything, we might just think it! No sequel necessary. God is truly the ultimate detective but He is more about our hearts than our behavior. While criminals will be locked away, maybe, God's hope is that we'll know we've been caught, repent because of grace and then go forward in obedience. Unfortunately we think we get away with something when we're aren't caught and exposed. The mirror opposite should be true, that because of a gracious, loving God we should live out of love for Him.

Most watched show? Who has the most profound effect?