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High performance

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I guess if I had never read it I wouldn't believe it but there on the label were the words: high performance dental floss!

Kind of oxymoronic like…(you fill in the blank) Checking to see if there are any readers/thinkers out there and jumbo shrimp doesn't count.

Your coffee palate

Monday, May 21st, 2007

I recently read with a surprising sense of interest the following descriptions of coffee "flavors" unique to geographical regions of the world. Evidently each region has a characteristically unique flavor due to the environment, soil and other conditions. Some of them actually don't sound like any coffee I've ever tasted and I've tasted a lot.   

"Nutty & soft with subtle cocoa notes and a pleasingly mild complexity," "refined with vibrant flavors and refreshing acidity," "juicy acidity compliment subtle layers of citrus, stone fruit and tea like tannins," "delicate, light-bodied coffee, sweet, caramelly aroma and delightfully complex flavor," "gentle spice flavors," "a crisp, refreshing finish," "offers a floral aroma," "it features a fleeting, floral aroma with a bright yet soft finish," "layers of flavor, from black currant or blackberry to sweet, tropical fruit," "spicy, herbal and earthy with a full body," "an assertive coffee with a heavy body and creamy texture," "unpredictable coffee, laden with flavors of deep port wine, berry fruit, warm earthen spices and cocoa."

I'm not sure if I'd rather be the guy drinking all of that coffee or the one getting paid to write these "enlightening" descriptions.  In one sense it has raised my awareness to define the exact taste on my tongue. And now, I will definitely think about the "juicy acidity" "earthiness" and "subtle layers" of each distinct geographical growing region as I imbibe.

It made me think of the flavor or characteristics that uniquely make us who we are. Think of your life; your history shapes your story that affects your future (kind of like the different growing regions of coffee). You are unique. In light of the Ephesians series we began (5/20) at CFBC you are called, loved, blessed, chosen…in Christ, talk about a distinct, geographical growing region! 

And because you are unique you have a unique mission. You influence people in your unique sphere of influence. Think of it in terms of the coffee, you flavor your world. I know, Jesus said his followers would be salt but salt seasons or flavors, too (coffee just has a uniqueness about it). What are people "tasting" as a result of your life? How do you "finish" after an encounter with them? Think about that the next time you enjoy a cup of coffee or conversation at your favorite coffee shop. Time for another cup!

A Little Sting

Monday, May 14th, 2007

If you remember from a previous blog, if anyone reads this at all, I tend to think while I'm mowing. So, this past weekend I was mowing and thinking. I was in the process of moving one of those concrete "guards" that directs the water when it exits the gutter and I happened to bumped the gutter with it. No big deal but out of the corner of my eye I saw something fall. Glancing back at the spot I saw a red wasp wriggling in the grass and it was quickly trying to get its wits about it. On impulse without thinking, I stomped on it not once but 3 or 4 times for good measure. After watching it a couple of seconds to make sure it wouldn't be coming after me I returned to mowing. I hadn't taken 3 steps when the Holy Spirit stung my conscience with a couple of questions.

Why would you be so quick to kill the possibility of a little wasp sting, a temporary physical discomfort, but {on a spiritual level} when temptation comes you wrestle with it for minutes, hours and maybe even days?

Then, why do you accept the pain of sin or minimize the consequences when it sets in motion death at some level?

Lastly, what will it take for you to deal with temptation and sin quickly?

After being more than a little bugged at this line of questioning I had to stop for a moment, survey my heart, ask for forgiveness, repent and then set a new course for the future dealings with temptation. What will it take? We see the heart of God in Jesus on the cross and out of an empty tomb, right?

Use whatever little reminders that buzz in your ears and may sting now and then to move you closer to God's heart and plans for you. Whatever causes you to be consciously aware of God's presence more often in your day do it: make it a priority to spend time in private worship, Bible study, silence, prayer, mentoring/accountability, service, etc. Use daily things such as alarm clocks, doors, light switches, weather, nature etc. as reminders to think about God and God's attributes. Then, consider the consequences and deal quickly with temptation and sin, take those thoughts captive. Instead of a wasp there is a lion that is far more dangerous but he will be squashed in due time.