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Monday, June 25th, 2007

Once in a while a day like this comes along… I was listening to talk radio, one of those road of life markers that indicates you are getting older, and listened to an interview with a numerologist. He was talking about the number of couples waiting to get married on the day, 7-7-07. It is not a bad day to get married on, it will obviously, uh hopefully, help the guy remember his anniversary. But the point of the conversation was the "good energy" of this day and how couples need this "energy" to stay together and build a good marriage. 

I'm grateful for the day I said "I do" and the date means a lot to me but my marriage is not built on some good energy drawn from 3 numbers. What happens the first time someone (he) leaves the toilet seat up, will they question the date of their marriage or whether he cares? What happens when she is critical about him, will there be enough "good energy" to overcome the criticism?

Marriages must be built on love, commitment, sacrifice, forgiveness, communication, trust…you know the issues. The trouble is our human nature wants something a little easier and more convenient like good energy from numbers that align. What we continue to need is God's grace and help along the way to persevere according to His plan, to love like He loves and live like He lives.  

Why do insects die out in the open?

Monday, June 4th, 2007

The hot summer season is nearly here in Houston. And just as sure as the sun will be out and the humidity up the bugs will be out and up, too: flies, mosquitoes, ants, june bugs, roaches and more. And as "luck" would have it some make it in the house. A sight the other day sparked a burning question in my mind. Why is that when a bug dies it does so right out in the open? It is one thing for one to go crawling across the floor or flying across the room since there is some satisfaction in the perfect mid-air swat or that certain "crunch" under your shoe. But, one morning last week there was one of the big winged, fast crawling, bronze backed roaches lying up-side down, legs up, not moving. I like them not moving but, why do they have to die in the open right in the middle of the floor for all to see and scream? Is the floor kind of like the Sahara desert that no bug can survive the cruel elements crossing it? And what about the multitude of spaces in between the walls and in the crawl space for them to expire out of sight? Or, do they really have to have the air conditioned, soft carpeted floor of my family room for their final scene? Just yesterday I was outside looking at a flower bed and inside the window on the window sill was another dead, six legged creature. I would have gladly let it out but no, one more glance at the outside world and then, sayonara. Oh well, another unanswerable philosophical question.