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the X factor

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

I was listening to a radio talk show several weeks back and the talk was centered around several "X" factors that made predicting outcomes relatively futile. An "X-factor" was defined as a variable that influences life's circumstances, business models or sports events.

I guess the talk made me wonder why people seem to want Control so much when they really can't have it. Maybe that's why, we can't have it.

People generally like ruts, traditions, things to stay the same and the familiar but there are so many variables and change is constantly changing that we should learn to be prepared for the X factors.

what are the X factors of your lives? i.e. things you can't control…

In what ways do you cope with life regardless of what the "X?"

What kind of control over your life will you give an X factor?

Hmmm, how about this, the letter "X" is also the letter "Chi" in the Greek alphabet and in early church history it was known as a symbol of or as an abbreviation for Christ… Now that is an "X" factor that definitely could cause both chaos and comfort.

The best I’ve ever…

Monday, September 17th, 2007

How many times have you heard that? Also, when you hear it, what do you do with the phrase that follows?

If you have children you may hear something similar, "That was the best pizza ever, or that was the greatest  cartoon ever." It tends to be one of the trendy new tags place on every experience. So, I tend to disregard such superlative exclamations because I know about a child's tastes and limited comparison history. Children are still in that process of discovery and as adults/parents we celebrate their discovery but we know there is more.

However, when I hear a similar phrase from a well aged, seasoned adult I listen differently.  The subject could simply be a restaurant or recent book so as a result I make a mental note about it. Yet, when it is a comment about an experience or a personal memory I listen with more attention. The history of such a well, lived life has many comparable circumstances to pull from and when one stands out as the best, well, then it may well be. There is often a simplicity to the experience and a sense of character that is appreciated. Often referred to as the "good ole days," there is good reason they were "good."

Take some time to listen to someone wiser this week and you may hear about one of the "best ever's…" for you to consider as your own personal history matures. Also, the future holds some of the best days to come so as you look back and listen, dream forward.

The ocean floor

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Recently on one of the "nature channels" I watched one segment of The Blue Planet, an image rich documentary of the oceans of water covering the Earth. Towards the end of the hour a statistic was reported that with all of our technology and years of exploration we have covered only 1% of the deep ocean floor (we've actually explored more of the moon's surface) and that in the next few years the greatest discoveries would be made below the surface of the water.

Just off the coast of each continent lies a new world of discovery that has been around for a long, long time. We've been all over the "easy" superficial, surface but to go deep has been difficult and our reach limited. It is hard to imagine the amount of undiscovered area that exists a couple of miles away.

Isn't that true of relationships! We tend to stay at the surface level since that is what is so easily seen and easily managed. And, just like underwater exploration there is a lot of pressure the deeper you go.

Also, think about a relationship with God and the "undiscovered." A lifetime of discovery awaits the one who embarks on a relational journey with God. His "mercies are new every morning…," "his ways are higher than ours…" and they are rewarding, wisdom, grace, love…

Going deep took on new meaning last week and I expect to explore more in the days ahead. Start an age of discovery of your own asap.