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Phantom pheelings…

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

I guess just in time for Halloween, wait,…did you feel that? Evidently I didn't either or did I or did you if you are a Blackberry user. There is a study that reported that Blackberry users are experiencing phantom vibrations. Are our Blackberries possessed?

I guess I'm in that group though I haven't been included in any study. Sometimes driving along with the Blackberry clipped on my belt I'll think, "Was that an email?" So I check and it wasn't must have been the road. Maybe it was something I had for lunch.

Or, maybe I'm not so important that people are emailing me every waking minute…hmmm that could be a dangerous phantom.

What happened to character?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I heard someone make this comment the other day and it doesn't quite make logical sense, "This guy has great character he just made a bad decision."

Isn't that what character is choosing right when given a choice between right and wrong? One of the definitions that Webster's gives states that character is certain features that set apart individuals like "the complex of mental and ethical traits."

We confuse resiliency amidst unfortunate circumstances and a person's ethics when we forgetting that our actions are a result of who we are at the deepest level. Too often we rationalize that we/they couldn't use self control or blame someone else for a slip up. In court it is labeled temporary insanity but I'm afraid it is becoming less and less temporary.

I think one has to question a person's character when…they do something illegal or lie to mislead someone or similar thoughts and actions. Such actions aren't the result of one bad decision, they are the result of walking down a path of a choice and ignoring the alarms going off in your conscience along the way. That leads to bad character not just bad decisions and you should stay away from such characters.