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Life lists

Monday, November 26th, 2007

As an outdoors lover I came across this idea in a recent magazine article. I'm sure it has been around for a while since by nature we are gatherers/collectors. Plus, we track and keep records of everything in this age of technology and memory storage. Still it reminded me about my goals.

The article was about birding in and around your backyard or city and consisted of simply spending time in the outdoors with a pair of binoculars and a notebook and pencil. The goal was to check off "sighted" birds to a list of those you had seen in your lifetime. So, a person would set aside a morning or afternoon for bird-watching. Then, they would find a good spot the begin to scan the trees and brush for as many different species that they could find in a session.

That made me think about the things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Some things on the list consist of things in the outdoors like, I would like to hunt in Canada. But I also think of my marriage, I want to continue to grow in my love for Kendra. Then, there is my role as father, I would like for my children to know their God given mission according to their unique personalities. There are other areas beyond that, my job, our finances, vacations, personal spiritual goals…on and on I could go.

Give it some thought and comment if you wish, "What is on your life-list?" 

Post game press conference

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Surfing the channels at the conclusion of an NFL game I had just watched, I found coverage of a press conference, I know stimulating TV. This athlete was talking about the recently ended game and answering questions concerning several of the plays. As I listened in, I think my mouth dropped open as this player was called into account for the mistakes that had just taken place in the heat of the game. Questions flew like, "what was going through your mind when you threw that interception?" "what were you doing out there when you saw cover two?" "why didn't you pick up that first down in that situation?" With very honest answers he navigated through the interrogation without passing the buck for the most part. I guess those press guys got their story.

As I thought about the process I couldn't help but wonder, what if my life were so public that what I did at "game time" was broadcast to millions and then I would have to answer for my words, actions and decisions? Would I pass the blame on to circumstances or to the people and environment around me? Would I confess that I made a wrong choice or ignored an opportunity?  I'm very glad there isn't a press conference to evaluate me and my performance on life's stage.

But…there is an audience and there are those in the audience that care more about me than an athletic team. There is a connection to my family and a body of believers that are watching. What if they have some questions about a play in the midst of the game? I hope I would be so honest. Moveover, there is also a "great host of witnesses" and One seated in eternity… maybe a press conference isn't so bad after all.

Disrespecting respect

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Several weeks ago I found myself in a discussion of respect in the context of marriage. Crucial to a healthy marriage, respect has to be given freely, without conditions, and earned constantly. That is definitely hard to do often because we want the other person to extend the same to us, first. Nevertheless, the power of the scripture in Ephesians 5 and the principle of unconditional respect will go a long way towards changing relationships.

In the course of the discussion we turned to kids and respect. Thinking out loud we covered how disrespectful kids seem today and gradually made it to "why."  Some of the things that were brought up were how we accept it when children are young because it's "cute."

Also, some mentioned that their families of origin were different and I thought about a recent overseas trip where it seemed that culture could play a role. There is a deep sense of respect within certain families and some cultures that one doesn't generally find in our community here.

Lastly, other influences were brought up from TV to music as bad examples.

Do any readers have any other thoughts?