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what is it about lines?

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

We have them everywhere, lines in geometry are good; a straight line is a quick way to get some place; we park between them usually; fishing line is important if you want to catch a fish; we say to color in between the lines but when it comes to waiting in line, ugh.

Have you been in the express line at the grocery store and someone walks up with more than 20 items? I’m not sure what is worse that or having someone in a “regular” line question the amount they were charged for a roll of paper towels that might save them 10 cents. The post office can be a bad place to be when you’ve been in line for awhile and one of the two cashiers goes on break. How about a line at the courthouse for a car registration that snakes around the middle of the room? I was there not so long ago and decided to people watch for about 30 minutes. People talk about the weirdest things in line…

As usual someone eventually gets upset in these situations and then look around for someone to be on their side or try to verbally justify their emotion. Maybe I’m too laid back but I don’t get it. Life is scheduled down to the second and we always have people to see and places to go. However, the object of our ”wrath” often has little to do with the circumstance (unless you are waiting in a fast food drive through line and they get your order wrong, right?).  

Try to smile and leave those servants surprised. Make their day with a kind word and a smooth transaction. I don’t foresee us ever getting rid of lines at least not the kind you wait in…

Um…where did I park?

Monday, May 5th, 2008

As I was completing my hospital visits the other day I found myself staring at the numbers in the elevator wondering what level of the parking garage I parked on. There were almost a dozen choices in as many colors and I couldn’t remember a thing. Do I go with a color that looks good or a number that sounds good?

I used to think that forgetting where one parked was evidence of a senior moment but what now, I’m not 40 (at least not for a few more months)!

So, mentally I backtracked and came up with a color/number combination that seemed like a good starting place. As soon as I stepped off the elevator I recognized an out of state license plate of a nearby car that stood out like a landmark for some reason and there across the aisle was my vehicle.

I guess I’m still such a kid because I ask “why” a lot. So there in that moment I asked myself “why didn’t I remember what level I parked on.” I didn’t like my answer because it meant that I had been too task focused, get out make the visit and get back to the office. It also made me wonder what else did I/do I miss when I get so focused on just getting done and through something that I forget the things of life.  Life is full of incidentals, spontaneous moments and interruptions that should remind us of the real Life. Often it is not the task but the journey that transforms us.

That answer also means I’ve got a little more life left in me yet, too!