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Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I’ve had a couple of days this summer where I actually was a rescuer and it made me think about a couple of things. One day it was a hummingbird in our garage that couldn’t seem to get out even with the door up. We would try to “push” it out with our presence but it just kept bumping its head against the ceiling and flutter around. It wouldn’t rest either. The temps outside and humidity keep the heat index near triple digits so I knew it needed to get out. So, I grabbed a long landing net and finally it landed on the net long enough for me to walk out into the yard. The kids got to look at it up close for a couple of minutes as it rested and then it was off.

Next it was a toad. Somehow it had hopped into a backpack that was on the garage floor and was kind of freaking us out  with the rustling sound because we weren’t sure what it was until we could see it. A quick capture and release into the flowerbed and all is right in his world.

Lastly, was a anole or what we call a chameleon lizard. This one was in bad shape. Again he was in the garage (not sure I want to know what may be next) and the heat was incredible. I found him on a shelf and could not tell if he was alive. His skin was a sickly black and gray color instead of its usual vibrant green and its legs were sprawled out unnaturally. I touched him and he barely moved. When I picked him up he squirmed a short little protest. I took him outside and began to run some water from the hose. When it was cool to the touch I dripped a little on him and set him on a branch. He clung to it with all of its strength it seemed. I caught a little more water in my palm and gently poured it on him. He slightly opened his mouth and I guess his body temperature and health came back because he crawled up the crepe myrtle out of sight.

Then, I remember feeling a little hurt. Not one of those animals thanked me! Of course they couldn’t, they don’t talk (maybe the hummingbird winked but I couldn’t see its other eye). Obviously, I thought of our unique relationship with our Creator. We can talk and communicate on such a deep level. Beyond that, He is the ultimate Rescuer and what is my response? Do I just go on with life, whatever/wherever I want or do I respond in a daily, moment by moment life of gratitude? That’s where I want to be and if I’m ever stuck in a spot I can’t get out of, banging my head against the ceiling I want to know God is there and trust that He can rescue me.

Switching lures

Monday, August 4th, 2008

The other day we were fishing in Galveston and hadn’t caught much of anything. We were using a variety of lures and live shrimp for bait and still zilch. Then, as if someone flipped a switch the fish began to bite around 9am. I caught one, my son caught one, then one of us got bit off. “Awesome,” you might say 4 fish in about 10 minutes but, instead of tying on the same lure we had just lost I put on a new, different lure other than what had just “worked.” With the new lure on we kept chunking and winding. “Hey,” Aiden and I doubled up but he snagged a rock and snapped the line. So, what did I do? I put on something different. A fish later and another cast and we got bit off again and I start digging through my tackle box for something else to throw. I’m ignoring the shrimp we just bought and hurriedly looking for a suspending this or that, soft plastics in a certain shade of green or maybe a topwater with a rattle…

Now looking back on the day, I’m wondering why didn’t I just keep tying the same lure on? If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Part of my methodology was to try some new lures I had never used before but had “heard” they were supposed to be good. Clearly there were fish that wanted to bite so why not. Looking at the water it was easy to see bait so I was also trying to “match the hatch.”

Yet subtlely, I realize I was looking for the “magic” bait that would catch a fish every cast. I know my expectations were a little high, okay, way too high. There is no magic bait but what drove me to look for that special lure corresponds a part of us that goes beyond fishing. There is a desire in me/us to want MORE of whatever and there are times when I seem unsatisfied with what I have. I want life to be better than normal, or at least in comparison to the guy down the way. Then, I remember what Paul writes in Philippians that he had found the secret to contentment; knowing and trusting that God provides for our needs. God is in control and He knows me better than me. God teaches that lesson in a variety of ways, the outdoors just happened to be my classroom that day.

Looking back I can see our need was to create memories and stories; now Bryson can talk about his mackerel and they both will look back on a great day with dad. I guess I do want more of that.