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Hummingbirds and hurricanes

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

One of the things I forgot to secure before the hurricane was our hummingbird feeder on the back porch. When we finally got up to watch the howling winds I looked out the back door and there it was swinging back and forth.

Would you believe that Saturday afternoon there were hummingbirds dropping by for a drink!?! Where do they go to wait out a hurricane? What is the safest place in their “house?”

It brought to mind the sovereignty of God and verses about His care of birds of the air and us, Matthew 6:25-27. What a truth to rest in and know that He find such value in you and me.

Blowing grass clippings

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

The other day while stopped at a red light I watched a lawn technician blow grass clippings from  the curb into the middle of the intersection. He actually pointed the nozzle at the curb and directed the grass away from the median, pausing only when cars were near.

Then while driving down a different street I witnessed another with a pack on his back blowing grass from the curb into the street. It strikes me as particularly useless, most likely in a few hours those grass clippings will be “blown” right back to the curb or simply scattered by the wind or by the breeze from a passing vehicle. Or maybe a shower will wash them somewhere new…

I guess it is another convenience of our culture? Mow the grass, get it done, without stopping to empty a bag of clippings. Then blow them away from out of the yard and somewhere else, out of sight out of mind…

We do that a lot with our lives, throw a bunch of energy at something and hope it works out or blow a bunch of money on a project and hope that blinds observers to a flaw. Maybe worse, we stack our schedule full of activity so that we can ignore the “heart” stuff and hope it goes away. Grass clippings aren’t so destructive but sin can be, relational issues won’t be easily swept away and other nagging shortcomings are weightier than dried, withered debris.

We need to take the time to deal with our lives. Periods of quiet and confession are valuable commodities. Seek out and create accountability with someone you know and trust. Whatever the plan, it shouldn’t be random. Don’t blow it.