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Where did we get

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I heard people talking about Black Friday and I couldn’t remember a recent ”Great Depression.” Then it was mentioned in future tense and realized it is the Friday after Thanksgiving. I know it is a BIG shopping day but shouldn’t it be a little happier than Black Friday. Did we forget to think about the other people we’re getting gifts for…or, do we simply focus on the traffic, crowds and lines?

Cyber Monday…that is just, I don’t know what. Commercialized?

Tell someone “Merry Christmas” and enjoy the season!

Christmas lights

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I was looking at my work of stringing lights around the yard and our two token oak trees in front. When it is dark it looks great. Bright white lights lit up the branches giving them a silvery tone. This little scraggly tree became something grand instead of something I mow around. The beautiful effect of the lights reminded me of what makes Christmas great. Then, the next morning I looked and couldn’t believe how the wires wrapped this way and that looked kind of ugly and unplanned. I’m no yard artist for sure.

Remember the season as Jesus, Light of the world, brings light to life and makes things new.