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Check your work!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

That is the cry of every parent who has a middle schooler (and beyond) taking math. How many careless errors would be caught if they would just check their multiplication or subtraction one more time? Surely they would see 204-39 doesn’t equal 175! Is it just a fact of life that we don’t and we won’t? Oh, for one test that reflects some progress in this area…

Don’t quit! Keep up the good work parents. We may be missing an important skill if we don’t constantly remind our children and ourselves to “check your work.” It is the skill of evaluation. It is the way we improve our skills and produce excellence (why do there have to be some many bad tests to learn this principle, I don’t know).

Next time you’re nagging your child to double check and recheck remember why and take a look at how you’ve been doing.  Hear yourself say to your children “check your work” and do so, too, in fact let them “catch” you checking your work.

Paul was able to say something like, I’ve run the race and not been disqualified… and that comes from the discipline of evaluating. Confession might follow which is like test corrections but that is another topic.

“New” Green

Monday, April 6th, 2009

One of the things I like about the spring time are the many colors. Often it is the simple shades of a color that cause me to stare in wonder. Recently I was stopped at a red light and looked down the street…There were the greens of pines and other evergreens but then there were all of these shades of green that seemed to brighten up the air.

As these new leaves begin to show, the shade is just the lightest green. I noticed the oaks, ash, pears, some sweet gums and hickories too.

You can really get a good look if you are driving on one of the overpasses near Houston just be sure not to look too long.