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Can I borrow a pen?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

I’ve been using the same ballpoint pen for months now. It has simply become the first one I grab not because I’m attached to it, necessarily but because it is there and easy to get to. However, the other day it started to stop writing. I would be in the middle of a letter and there was no ink in the impression that was being left. I licked it, scribble on a scrap piece of paper and tried to write on the rubber on my shoe to “break loose” the ball. Ah, there it is, now that is more like it.

Uh oh, it is writing again. More scribbles and a few more lines of ink. This kept up for more than a week! Finally, I looked to see how full the ink was and there was plenty. So, I kept at it some more. Then it dawned on me; I have more pens, I don’t have to keep being frustrated with one that works sporadically!

That revelation was followed by another related to my spiritual life. Why do I put up with my familiar, sometimes broken way of dealing with life and circumstances? Those thoughts caused me to remember the riches of grace and how my Father owns the cattle on a 1000 hills. He also has provided life in abundance and everything I need for life and godliness. I don’t need to settle or get into same old ruts because God’s mercies are new every morning. What a great reminder. Now where did I put my new pen…


Monday, June 8th, 2009

We are so glad summer is here. Everyone wants to stay up late, get up late and go to the pool.

Last summer we we noticed something peculiar about our pool visits and it eerily occurred again this year. Upon arrival we sign in, find a spot to stack our stuff, don goggles and other pool gear then jump in. However, before we can get acclimated to the water the whistle blows and it is time for a life guard break! What is crazy is that the breaks occur at 10 till the top of the hour and like clock work we seem to arrive at 20 till.  This seems to happen 9 out of 10 visits!

Now, I guess we’ll have to plan better or just wait to leave for the pool more strategically. Sometimes that is life; the timing is unexplainable. Things happen and plans change so then you deal with it from that point on. You might try to find God’s sense of timing in it. There several Greek words for time used in the Bible. Two of them are: chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to time in a more general way while kairos refers to a specific period of time. Maybe God has something specific for us/you at a specific time… What is God up to in your life? your family’s life? Do you find yourself in circumstances that seem a little out of the ordinary or with a sense of timing that grabs your attention. Explore it.

I will be thinking differently now before and during my swim.