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In public

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

One of our great church members sent a link around several months ago for a way to read the Bible on your mobile. I am not usually an early adopter so I put off downloading it. Plus, I’m not always so technically minded it took me awhile to figure out how to actually get it to my blackberry. However, after a couple of clicks an icon appeared and I actually had the Bible on my blackberry.

Next came the tough part…putting down brickbreaker during any “free” time. There were a couple of times I looked a verse or two¬†up at a red light. No, I didn’t try to drive and read! I also used my blackberry to look up several verses for a Life Group lesson and to have another translation. However, one of the coolest times I read the Bible was at the mall. If you haven’t read the Bible in a truly public setting you need to give it a go. That context really affects your senses and your heart and mind.

Here you go,


Monday, March 8th, 2010

I know wallpaper is a thing of the past for actual walls but the other day I was out and about and something caught my eye. While at a place of business I had a glance at a computer behind a desk and saw their wallpaper, on their computer screen. It was the stock photo of fall foliage of bright oranges of every hue. One of the reasons I noticed it was that it looked similar, no exactly like someone’s I know personally and I thought, “they don’t work here!”

Then it struck me that it was the sample that arrives with every computer, preloaded in memory. So, are you a personalized wallpaper guy or gal?

Which also makes me think about our lives…what do you do with all of the creativity you have? Does your uniqueness leak out in noticeable ways? What are the indelible marks you leave behind? God has created you uniquely you and you are uniquely responsible for what you do with you…