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what a smile

Monday, May 10th, 2010

We’ve just wrapped up a baseball season with our younger son. His team has been one of those that 10 year old teams that just manages to get through an inning, much less a game. However, you can’t replace the smile when they do something right. As parents/adults you just assume the basic tasks of catching, throwing and hitting are easy. I’m not sure how many times I held my breath as a ball was hit our son’s direction or as the pitcher released the ball…

There were a couple of first timers to the game of baseball on our team and I’ll won’t forget the smile after one of their first hits. All season long we’ve painfully watched him step out of the batters box as the pitch was released only to see it cross right over the plate. Other times there were wild swings with amazingly awkward mechanics. However, there was a game when he stepped up to the plate and swung and actually connected! the ball rolled right past the defenders and 2 runners scored. The smile as he paused on 1st base was priceless, ear to ear.