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Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I was looking at all of the chips on my kitchen table at lunch today and realized we don’t have plain chips too often. And, if we do they tend to hang around the pantry a long time. We have or have had┬ámulti-grain cheddar, nacho, fiery habanero, salt and vinegar, BBQ, honey mustard, limon chile, cool ranch, sour cream and onion, and on and on. If we do have plain, regular or original in the house it usually is getting dipped in salsa or smothered with cheese…

What does that say about life? We like a little spice? We’ve grown accustomed to variety and flavor? Other areas of our life may tend towards a daily grind but I hope we can see the purpose and mission to it all.

I know this that God is new every morning and the life that awaits is abundant. Spicy, sour or plain it is blessed.