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The Inconvenient Sign

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

They, the county or the city, have put a “no turn on red” sign at a red light that I face every weekday. If my timing is bad, and it generally is, then the light turns red when I am about 100 yards from it. That forces me to stay on red for the duration of traffic going the other way. At one time, and for many years I might add, there wasn’t a sign there and so one could creep out looking left and turn right. Who knows what happened? Maybe there have been some wrecks or close calls. All I know is that now I have to sit and wait or…be a law breaker.

In good conscience it is hard and uncomfortable to be a law breaker even if it used to be legal to turn right. I look over my shoulder again and again thinking no one would know. Sometimes someone pulls up behind me and is more impatient than I or has a weaker conscience. They proceed to honk and make gestures…

The other morning I was there, at the wrong time, and began to sit through the light. Out of nowhere I sensed, ”Be still and know that I am God.” In typical impatience I may have been missing other times like that so I really stopped. I stopped my murmuring about an inconvenient sign, about some other stress in life and stopped about my plans for the day. My sitting there became more purposeful that day and now I don’t mind that inconvenience so much. There may be more to some other inconveniences in life. Now,that inconvenient sign became a marker and reminder of other things that may cause me to slow down and sense, “What is God doing? and What could He be doing in these circumstances?”