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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Several weeks back I walked through a local mega-store and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was prior to Halloween and there were displays of Christmas wrapping paper, decorations and ideas. I was shocked! Two months away, two holidays to celebrate before  we get there and already there was stuff to be had. Then the week after Halloween I noticed a snow globe with a Christmas scene in a yard. REALLY? And now local shopping centers and stores are already in full sparkling colors of Christmas.

I must have said my thoughts and feelings out loud because as we drove by a display last week one of my kids declared that it was too early to be decorating for Christmas!

However, as I think about it, is it really too early, ever? My quiet time was interrupted with that thought this week and the more I considered it the more it became clear that we can and should  look forward to Christmas now. Children surely do, they make their wish lists for the next Christmas on the 26th. Some of the early adopters are decorators who are already putting the finishing, twinkling touches on their home decor. So, too, we as Christians should be anticipating Jesus even now. Before the busy-ness. Before the barrage of parties. Before the crowds of shoppers drain us of our patience. Before the materialism of bigger and better. We would do well to look for Jesus now, each day and at all  hours no matter the season. What are you dreading…looking forward too?