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ready for the band

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

i was at our future junior high for a instrument interview for our middle child this last week. he was trying to narrow down instruments for the next step in his musical career. while we were there other future 6th graders came to try out their chops on a variety of woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments. I heard some squawks, burps and other unrecognizable sounds from these novices. however, for each one I heard there was one instrument that stood out among the rest.

one of the band directors would take student ask them what they wanted to try among the reeded instruments. once prepared the student would get a little instruction on holding then blowing the instrument. it would either scare the chickens or not even make a sound. small adjustments and maybe, finally a sound slightly resembling a note. not denied they would then move over to the brass and the director would have them buzzing their lips like motorboats in the bathtub. when put to the instrument a pssst and sputter eventually became a sound like the one being searched for.

each student received great instruction and guidance as they sat their turn and  faced a big choice. a couple of attempts on each instrument was followed by questions about their initial feelings and then another chance.  comments like “that was a good sound” or “you have a face for the trumpet” and you looked ”comfortable,” did you like that?

It seemed as if every student left there with a changed countenance as if they had figured out something they had been made for. an ear to ear smile and a shining face looked at mom or dad as if to say, “i’ve found it.”

it parallels life and our purpose. think about yours. what are you made for? what are you gifted at or interested in? God has a divine purpose for you.