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Hold the Door

Monday, June 27th, 2011

I just noticed some spontaneous gratitude. As I was leaving a business establishment I casually noticed some people coming in and held the door open for them. Both quickly and courteously said “thank you.” I don’t hold open a door to incur a debt of gratitude but it just seems like I “heard it”. I believe they meant it as sincerely as someone can mean it for a simple act; and that is what it is both for the giver and receiver.

How simple is it to say “thank you”?  And, gratitude is one of those first things that causes us to crave community. Our parents teach us those words early on. We continue to talk about an attitude of gratitude in a culture of entitlement. 

What would it take to hold a door open? What would it take to say, Thank You? Make it a part of your day today.

And remember the entry point for eternity is a through, a narrow door. It is through the Gate. He is also standing at the door and if you hear his voice, how will you respond?

Where do you want to go?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Such was the question concerning the restaurant for lunch. What’s the usual response, class? “I don’t care, you choose”; or something similar.

Do you have a “usual” at a restaurant? Meaning, do you order the same thing when you go to a certain restaurant? At Spring Creek it’s ______. At El Rincon it’s _______. And at Pappadeaux it’s _______.

OR…do you get something different each time. I’m more of the get something different each time. Who knows maybe you’ll find you’re next, new favorite if you would try something new. Sure you get some things on the menu that aren’t so great but when you do…they’re really awesome. I like that kind of discovery.