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Real Joy

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I’ve watched the past few nights as professionals jumped up and down, hugged, giggled and ran around like little boys playing a game after a win. Of course they were men playing a game but look at a win several months ago. There’s a line up and smiles, some high fives and pats on the head as they walk across the field into the dugout. During the last few nights after winning a playoff series that propels them on to a bigger game, the players celebrated in a makeshift mob, jumping, skipping, slapping more than hands, with gloves thrown in the air and soaking each other with the spray of ginger ale. Out of context, someone might think there was something wrong.

So, I was thinking about real joy in life. When and why do I experience real joy? How do I express it? Does my family experience joy? What does your celebration “dance” look like? And, what are some joy killers?

Clearly there is something to the hard work and success of a team (we can include family here); achieving common goals over a period of time; emotional vulnerability, discipline and sacrifice. Where does that happen in your life?

Think about it for a minute or two… What causes real joy in your life? What are some joy killers?