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working together, synergy

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Last week I was out mowing after all the rain we had made the grass grow. I think I fertilized just before it all so I’ve had to mow 2 times in less than a week. When I started on the backyard I noticed blurry “dots” weaving all around me as I walked behind the mower. At first I thought am I experiencing heat stroke then I stopped and focused. Looking around I realized there were more than 2 dozen dragonflies wheeling and zipping back and forth. I know dragonflies eat mosquitoes so I hope they ate a bunch.

That experience also made me think about all of ways we work together in life. Some are more connected than others but whether we know it or not our lives influence so much more than we think. There are teams, families, churches, work groups just to name a few. What other connections do you notice at work in your life?