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Your Thanksgiving favorites

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

I’ve been hearing/reading a lot of talk about people’s favorite food at Thanksgiving time. As we near the big day everyone’s thoughts turn to the “big” meal. From the main course-turkey or ham, to the sides-dressing, green beans and potatoes, of course rolls/bread, to desserts- pumpkin pie or pecan pie or both.  I think my favorite changes from time to time. I used to look forward to a slice of juicy turkey meat. The sides like dressing with sage and sausage became another favorite and recently brown sugar, bacon wrapped green beans! What are your favorites?

Also, one should probably create another list of favorites for leftovers after Turkey Day. A turkey and dressing sandwich or pecan pie for breakfast with a big cup of coffee would be near the top of mine.

One other thing I heard that got me to thinking about the family memories was the topic of who does the cooking. One talked about their father cooking for this meal others their mom. And it made me think about our family traditions and where they come from. So much is made of meals around the dinner table and time together, too.

Comment or just take some time to think through some of your favorites and be grateful for what God has provided beyond what we can ask or imagine.