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Looking around

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

I was at a elementary school choir concert last night watching Corinne. Somewhere around the first or second song I noticed something almost every kid did, especially if they had a part speaking, singing or “moving.” After their part or sometimes right before they would look out and check to see if their parent/s were looking. Then, when they made eye contact with them there was a smile a mile long. It was incredible!

I watched as kid after kid stepped up to a microphone and searched the crowded cafeteria for their family. I could only imagine parents leaning forward, waving some whistled and as soon as the child realized they were ”seen” they seemed to glow. Parents have an incredible power and responsibility to encourage and affirm their children. It appeared as if the simple “look” was all that mattered, not the performance but their presence.

I began to think about our Heavenly Father looking down at us. I know he is constantly watching I just wonder if we are looking for Him.

Earthy flavor

Monday, December 10th, 2012

I like coffee and with my adventurous palate I would like to try some but at $500 a pound, I’m not so sure I will get the chance.