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Ugh, i forgot

Monday, March 17th, 2014

don’t you hate it when you forget something so obvious or repetitious like…wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. It is SO obvious to everyone else that you are either dumb or stupidly forgot…or don’t care which is dumb because everyone else is doing it, right.

What is it about these meaningless mistakes that makes us feel so…?

Some of you have been planning your green outfit for months now, or red, or pink, or whatever day it is next week or month. You don’t count. But for others it really might not have even been on the radar. They are still wanting to know why you’re supposed to wear green? and Who says?

I think I have felt this way most often (no this is not about wearing or not wearing St. Patrick’s day green) when something happens and my first reaction is ugh, blaming or complaining and not…praying. Or worshiping! finally later in the day or the next morning I’m praying and feeling the Holy Spirit reveal one of (or several of) those moments and feeling so stupid again. I should know better and do better. Then, there is grace and the gospel and the urging of the Holy Spirit to keep on and keep up. I read we are to “walk” and that is a daily experience.

Lent, i give up

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

here is an compilation of what twitter users are giving up for Lent. I couldn’t give up chocolate but maybe that means I need to.

Interesting list!