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Look what I found!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

We had just returned from a mission trip when my oldest asked if I had seen the bomb. I asked what bomb and where and he mentioned how he had read about a bomb that had been found while preparing a foundation for a building in the exact city we had just been doing ministry in across the pond.

I was thinking about that later and considered a couple of options. One could ignore it and go ahead and build on top of it and around it. Another possibility could be to build close but not too close. And still another choice might be to carefully remove the bomb and then start building.

It became immediately clear that we do that with “bombs” in our hearts and lives. Maybe in a time of prayer or accountability we “find” a bomb, a thought or attitude that is clearly dangerous. What do we do? Similar options exist but only one will set us free. Ignoring it only prolongs the issue and potentially makes it much worse. Simply building somewhere else repeats the same mistake. The gospel response requires us to “move” it through confession and repentance. Thank God you found it now, with His help, do something to remove it.