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Hiding Christmas gifts

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

I heard a story on the radio the other day about hiding Christmas gifts. I’ve never been much for finding out, sneaking around or even shaking my presents. i have kids and a spouse who seem to be the kind that look for their gifts. As i was listening to the story each of the most “popular” hiding places was mentioned: under the bed, in the closet and/or in a drawer. then there was some quote by the experts to try something different like at a neighbor’s house, mislabel the present for someone else or put them in dirty/scary places if you truly don’t want the recipient to discover their new treasures.

Like many things in life this went to a spiritual place and i thought about God “hiding” the Messiah in a manger. That is not a typical place for a king or especially the Savior of the World. The timing was perfect, the setting mundane.But as we find and receive Jesus we are truly transformed. Paul talks about the mystery being made clear that God, through Jesus, is saving the world! If it had happened any other way would we, as sinful people, realized it? Maybe, but hiding in plain sight for all the world to see and discover for themselves, why do some still miss Him?