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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I  was driving to work or back home or somewhere important like that and for some reason I glanced at my windshield stickers. I checked the oil change, good to go. Then, I saw the inspection sticker, uh-oh! It had a big 1 and 09 on it and it was already 2/09.

For some reason I didn’t have time or didn’t make the time for about 2 days and that was all I could take. Every time I got on the road I found myself looking left and right, checking my mirrors and looking around at stop lights for a constable. I deliberately did everything right for those few days…complete stops at stop signs, followed the speed limit to the mph (even in school zones), signaled every lane change and had my seat belt buckled before the wheels touched a street. The dread that I felt when I saw a constable hundreds of yards away was incredibly heavy and foreboding. I even chose routes that I thought would take me on streets least likely to encounter the authority. I felt a little “safer” during the dark hours but that’s not saying much.

One afternoon I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw the silhouette of lights on the roof of a cruiser and my shoulders immediately tensed up. I maintained the 35mph of the zone and stopped at the stop sign as he rolled up behind me. (A bead of sweat dripped down my forehead, I’m sure.) Pulling away I stuck the needle on 35mph again drove the mile to my turn and glanced back…whew, he went straight.

When I finally got the inspection done and sticker on, i found freedom again. I actually re-enjoyed driving. Since then, I’ve been looking for extra errands to run. I still observe stop signs and maintain the appropriate speeds but now there is no need to look over my shoulder or check my surroundings. Freedom.

Doing the right thing has its privileges and freedom is one of them. Aren’t we all looking for that sense of freedom? It is different from the thought that says we are free to do whatever we want and whatever feels good. God set up some rules and limits, and He “says” righteousness remains the most freeing. Then, you also won’t have to dread it when you see God coming. Within those “posted signs” joy can be found, no sneaking around.