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I’ll have a Big one

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I was just looking through a list o f Christmas songs/carols the other day and a title caught my attention. It is a tried and true standard so I’m pretty sure the modifier doesn’t mean too much, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” But, I just had to think why a “little” Christmas?

It could mean a bunch of things and really doesn’t take away from Christmas. The song sings of friends and traditions so relationships are important. It also speaks of the present and too often we miss out on that, too.  And, little could mean real  or at the minimum, don’t miss the whole experience. I’m all for a true experience of the real meaning of Christmas.

However, the more I thought of Christmas the more I thought Christmas needs to be experienced in the biggest way possible because it is Jesus we celebrate. The Christmas gift is Jesus himself and that was no little exchange. Make it BIG. Celebrate Jesus with all your enthusiasm, gifts, family and friends. Give and received with Him in mind. Decorate with all you can. Sing loud with joy. Eat big, too! He is the reason to make it a Big deal.